How Cincinnati Stole My Heart

What better time to profess my love for Cincinnati than on the heels of Valentine’s Day weekend? I couldn’t exactly send her roses. Or get her chocolates. Or take her to dinner. But I can try my best to tell her how I feel.

This love affair of ours began nearly three years ago. I was starting a new job. Beginning a new career. Entering a completely new chapter of my life. Turns out, she was too. We were both rebuilding. Adding new things – polishing the old – and reinventing ourselves along the way. We found our renaissance together.

Over the last several years, Cincinnati has undergone quite the makeover. Old districts have gone through re-gentrification and are better than ever before. New areas have come along and are exciting additions to a city filled with an extraordinary history. Cincinnati is alive. Proud. And vibrant once again.

It all took me a bit by surprise. Growing up as a kid in Kentucky, with a diehard Reds fan as a father, I came to Cincinnati a lot with my family. We’d go to ballgames – maybe to the zoo – then leave. Do Not Pass Go. It was the 90s – Cincinnati was not what she is today. I would never have dreamed we’d end up together back then.

But today – I am proud to call Cincinnati mine. My wife and I (she’s a transplant from outside D.C.) bought our first house here this past fall. That means Cincinnati even managed to win over an East Coaster who always had eyes for the nation’s capital.

The three of us spent this past weekend – Valentine’s Day weekend – together. Cincinnati treated us well: An afternoon at the ballet, followed by dinner at The Palace. It was one wonderful weekend on a list of so many great ones here.

Cincinnati has stolen my heart. And for good reason. She is giving, passionate and honest. She is wise and mature – but never dull. She is comfortable in her own skin and knows just how to impress without trying too hard.

Maybe it’s the way we met that sealed the deal. We got to grow together. Become newer, better versions of ourselves, together. Whatever the reason – I can tell you now I’m truly, madly, deeply in love with Cincinnati.

I think we’ll be together for a while.

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