6 Easy Tips To Create Your Very Own Social Media Strategic Plan

Above is a portion of the first comment ever posted on my Facebook wall. Digital photos were hard to come by back then so Lauren created her profile picture by cropping a photo of the two of us I uploaded.

Above is a portion of the first comment ever posted on my Facebook wall. Lauren created her first profile picture by cropping a photo I uploaded of the two of us. She had no access to a digital photo of herself.

There was a time, not that long ago, when I made regular trips to the drug store to drop film off to be developed. It was crazy. I even bought real Photo Albums to store them. You couldn’t click through these Photo Albums. You had to turn the plastic pages and hope they didn’t tear on the metal clasps. Life was messy.

As my film camera entered its twilight weeks, I began requesting a CD along with my prints. That CD contained digital copies of my pictures. That was important. Because with that CD, and with those digital files, I could do something pretty wild. I could share them. Online. On this new thing called The Facebook. Where pages didn’t rip.

That was 2005. Pre-moms-on-Facebook. Today I can snap a photo with my cell phone. One second later it’s on Facebook. Two seconds later my mom has commented on it. A lot has changed.

Part of my job is overseeing the social media strategy for a public library system. I wrote a Social Media Strategic Plan for our efforts. It puts in black and white what we’re doing and why. I believe in an ever-changing world it will help keep us on track. And it helps make sure our users are receiving the very best from us. Including the moms. Especially the moms.

Read my plan here: Social Media Strategic Plan (PDF)

Then try my tips below to create your own plan:

 6 Easy Tips To Create Your Very Own Social Media Strategic Plan 

  • 1. First, think about what you’re currently providing with social media and what you’d like to provide with social media in the future.
  • 2. Consider conducting a SWOT analysis. (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats.)
  • 3. Write a mission statement. What will your social media strategy accomplish every day for your customers?
  • 4. Write a vision statement. What do you hope and dream that your social media strategy will accomplish? What’s the big picture? The end goal.
  • 5. Create values. List at least three things you care about most in your social media strategy. These should drive the type of content you create and seek out. They should define what your organization is made of and how social media fits into that.
  • 6. Finally, list your goals. Think SMART goals. (Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.) Or my version: SMARTS. (Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely and SIMPLE.) Think simply. These don’t have to be complicated. Decide how you see your social media platforms and how you want them to connect with users and engage your audiences. What steps can you take to uphold your mission statement and get to your vision statement?

With these simple steps you’re on your way to creating a Social Media Strategic Plan that will drive the way you manage your social media and give purpose to its place in your organization.

Opinions are my own. They do not necessarily reflect those of my employers past or present. 

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